15″ Titanium Gold-Anodized Pyramid Frame Kit from Pyramid Planet

Product Features

  • Rods made from Extruded Titanium, which are then anodized gold.
  • Use to make pyramid water for family, pets and plants.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Really enhances meditation.
  • Highest quality.
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Product Description

It’s very exciting to see and experience first-hand what pyramid energy is all about. The photo depicts a 30″ pyramid. The rods are made from extruded titanium and anodized gold. Titanium is extremely compatible with the human body which is why it is used for hip replacements.

You will receive four medium and four long lightweight gold anodized titanium pipes, along with clear plastic hubs. Make a square using the four long pipes and four of the hubs. Though illogical, the rods fit into the connectors more easily when moist. Put the end in your mouth for a moment.

Make the pyramid structure by attaching each of the four medium-sized pipes to each of the hubs of the square. Then connect all the medium pipes to the hub that has the Nylon string attached to it.

The string allows you to hang the pyramid easily from a cup hook. In the summer, hang one from a big tree in your yard so you can sit under it to meditate, read or rejuvenate with your bare feet on the ground.

Sick plants recover when watered with pyramid water made by placing an undecorated glass of water in the pyramid overnight. Place pets’ food and water in the pyramid for an hour and enhance their health.

Place your fruit in the pyramid overnight and the next day they taste as though tree-ripened overnight. Same with vegetables. Cut flowers last longer by filling the vase with pyramid water.

Defrost frozen food inside your pyramid so that it tastes fresh. Place a cup of coffee in the pyramid and one ten feet away. Wait one minute. Taste the difference.

Natural dessert placed in the pyramid for a few minutes tastes fantastic. Artifically-sweetened dessert placed in the pyramid loses flavor. If you smoke, place your cigarettes in the pyramid overnight. The pyramid is said to eliminate the more harmful effects of tobacco. A razor blade kept in the pyramid between shavings sustains its sharp edge. Tune up your crystals by giving them an hour in the pyramid.

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