BFlowerYan Chinese Feng Shui 6 Coin Hanger for Prosperity and Good Fortune

Product Features

  • Chinese 6 Coin Hanger with Red Cord
  • Item Measures 12 1/2" Long
  • Traditionally Used to Increase Prosperity and Good Fortune
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Product Description

This Chinese hanger is ideal above or behind a desk or cash register, this wonderful hanger is bound to increase abundance, prosperity and good fortune. The powerful money attractor contains six coins cascading down from a traditional Chinese knot, complete with a red tassel. The number six represents wealth and money – thus having six cons tied together strengthens your ability to both attain and sustain prosperity. Hang these little ornate Feng Shui cures in your home or office to enhance positive Chi (energy), as well as bring prosperity and good fortune. Perfect above an entrance, for the entryway, or in your prosperity corner (rear left corner of your home or office when standing at the front door). The piece has an overall length of 12 1/2 inches.

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