Swarovski Spectra Lead Free Feng Shui Crystal Ball, Very High Quality Crystal 50mm – 2 Inches Made in Austria with Certificate

Product Features

  • Size: 50mm - 2 inches
  • Buyers Beware: Accept No imitations glass from China
  • Made by Swarovski Crystal in Austria
  • Include with Certificate of Authenticity From Factory
  • Color: Clear Crystal, Perfect Laser Cut and Flawless
New Price: $24.50
(as of 05:29 UTC - More info)

Product Description

This 50mm Full Cut Crystal Ball is made by Swarovski Crystal from Austria It is perfect and Flawless and it comes with certificate of authenticity. Buyers Beware! Accept no imitations. Chinese glass 50mm Ball has many imperfections, and chips. @CRYSTALPLACE you will get the perfect, flawless crystal Made by Swarovski Crystal. Guaranteed!

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