Top Plaza 5pcs Natural Amethyst+ Rose Quartz + Tiger Eye+ Green Aventurine + Rock Crystal Healing Point Chakra Pendants for Necklace Jewelry Making

Product Features

  • Length: 1.1 inches; Weight:4g/pc
  • Quantity: 5pcs pendants +1 "Top Plaza" bracelet
  • Material: Natural Amethyst/ Natural Rose Quartz / Natural Tiger Eye Stone/ Natural Green Aventurine/ Natural Rock Crystal Quartz (from March 20, 2015.)
  • Please confirm to buy from "Top Plaza" to ensure quality.
  • Please read words and pictures more carefully for more information to know how to easily tell if it is real crystal quartz.
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Product Description

Please note natural crystals quartz might slightly vary in color and shape.

All the 5 crystal quartz are real (before March 20 rock crystal quartz were made of crystal glass). They are natural crystal quartz. We 100% guarantee the authenticity and promise to take responsibility . The rock crystal quartz (the clear one) is synthetic, made of crystal glass.

They might not be of very high quality for the fair price but it can be guaranteed that that 4 of them are genuine . They are good value for the money.

How to Tell If Quartz Crystals Are Real:

Observe the color of the crystal. Real quartz may have small inclusions that look like a smudge in the crystal. Overall if it is more transparent then it would be with a better quality.

Inspect the crystal shape. Quartz crystals are generally hexagonal prisms that terminate on each end with a six-sided pyramid. The entire crystal may not be perfect, depending on the how the quartz formed. Your sample may have only the barrel of the prism, and one pyramid or the end pyramid may appear to have only three sides.

Scratch the surface of the crystal with a pocketknife to test the hardness. Quartz is harder than the blade of the pocketknife. Therefore, you should not see a scratch on the crystal surface.

Break the crystal with a hammer to test for cleavage and fracture. Quartz crystals do not have good cleavage, which is the ability of the crystal to break along smooth planes of weakness within the structure. Rock Crystal will fracture instead, showing a rough surface along the break. Often, the fracture will exhibit a swirl pattern, also known as a conchoidal fracture.

Thank you for the concern. If any more questions please feel free to email us.

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