Cohasset 134 Large Plain Antique Wind Chime

Product Features

  • Each design is its own unique work of art
  • The bamboo tube is hand tuned for a warm relaxing tone
  • Made of ecofriendly, fast growing bamboo and coconut wood
  • Perfect as a gift for yourself or others
  • Hand crafted by artisans on the beautiful island of bali
New Price: $29.99
Old Price: $25.90
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Product Description

Enjoy the low resonant tones of bamboo tubes gently rustling together creating a breezy island symphony that relieves stress and soothes the soul. Our 22-inch coconut top simple wind chime has 6 hand tuned bamboo tubes. Each tube is stained a rich natural brown. Add the quiet calming sounds of nature to your favorite outdoor retreat today.

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