TruelyYou Ultrasonic Ess Oil Diffuser- DIY Spa At Home or Office

Product Features

  • FILLS THE AIR WITH FRAGRANCE - Instantly the ultrasonic waves vaporize water, a cool mist billows from the diffuser sending tiny particles of essential oil into the air. Breathe in the fragrance as you go about your day and feel the mood enhancing benefits.
  • TRUELEYOU GUARANTEE - Our Essential Oil Diffuser will make your home/office smell fabulous or your Money Back! Full Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee - No Questions Asked for 60 days and a 1 year replacement warranty.
  • WELLBEING - Smell is one of our 5 powerful senses. Inhaling essential oils can have many healing effects, mentally, emotionally and physically. Helps you relax or sleep, can improve your skin, digestion and much more.
  • SLEEK & STYLISH - Enhance your d├ęcor in your home or office and take advantage of the wonderful aroma, the health benefits, and the interest this brings! Enjoy the spa-like fragrance from literally anywhere.
  • LAMP & TIMER SETTINGS - Lamp gives an Ambient Glow - 7 LED lights - colours cycle through the 7 colours, press the light button once more and the lamp will stay on that colour or choose to have the light off. - TIMER gives you options of 30, 60, 120 or 180 min. Once the time of your choice has finished the mist automatically stops.
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Product Description

Best Aromatherapy Diffuser, Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, Love It or Your Money Back!! -ONLY WHEN SOLD BY TRUELEYOU – Cool Mist Aroma DIY Spa At Home or Office. Electric Fragrance Diffuser, Super Quiet & Efficient w/ 7 LED Lights, Auto Turn Off – By Trueleyou

TRUELEYOU Essential Oil Diffuser – Get ready to experience the enjoyment you are going to feel when you have your very own. Bring luxury into your home with the attractive stylish TRUELEYOU Essential Oil Diffuser. Let it wow you as it goes about its job, bringing your favorite essential oils to life, creating an uplifting welcoming atmosphere.

Give the experience to your children, let them choose the colour of the light or the smell of the fragrance. Using their senses will create wonderful memories for them. Useful as a night light for children.


Treat yourself and maximize yours and your family’s health and wellness benefits by purchasing the Quality TRULEYOU Essential Oil Diffuser. Essential Oils have been used in age old remedies for health and wellness for centuries. Society is now returning to these natural methods as we realize their true potential. Diffusing is a very safe way for your body to receive your concentrated essential oils .


Small lamp; Portable – Small enough to fit comfortably on your kitchen bench, office desk, on your side table by your sofa or bed (size -base 100mm/5.5in wide, height 140mm/3.9in). Can be easily moved from room to room if you choose. Use as a mini humidifier when the climate is dry.


Top quality and safe – Environmentally friendly PP materials – Non Toxic – BPA free – Automation Chip (Nickel-Cobolt Alloy) the best and most stable chip. Auto turn off when water runs low. Very safe for in the family home.


Quick, easy and convenient to use, no more burning of candles or incense or needing to purchase expensive air fresheners.


TRUELEYOU offers a Full Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee – No Questions Asked for 60 days and a 1 year replacement warranty.


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