Declaration of Sustainability

The HealMobile Ministry declares its commitment to benefit and honor the Earth and thereby improve its generous service to humanity, as granted by the Creator of All Skies and Lands, Source of All Sources, the All-Beneficent and All-Merciful. 

HealMoProducts support the Earth’s sustainability by fostering a flow of health products and services that bring into being a more compassionate, just and spiritually-alive world. Everyone wins.  

We are committed to practices and decision-making governed by sustainable, highest and best-use values. These values are spiritual; we observe universal laws based on respect for human beings and their varied cultures as well as the planet and all that she yields by the grace of GodAlone. We are socially responsible, ethical, and supportive of gender and human rights, ever looking to enhance the environment in the same manner that we prosper the populations we serve.    

Our training products are now available at the HealMobile Academy

Listening and establishing nurturing relationships

During the month-long Juneteenth festivities in Buffalo NY, there was a day dedicated to the Ma’afa (African holocaust or disaster).

Meet our team

Right now the team is comprised of three persons, me myself I&I

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Founder, CEO & Architect

HealMobile hairdo

Engineering Manager

HealMobile helper

Creativity Resource

Enhance your self-healing journey.

  • Collaborate with fellow healers.
  • Showcase your projects.
  • Experience the world of self-healing power and therapy.
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